RV Short Stop: Visit Plains, Georgia, and hear Pres. Jimmy Carter at his Sunday Bible class
I first visited Plains in the summer of 1991 when I started volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in Americus, Ga., about 10 miles north of Plains. It was then that I learned that former Pres. Jimmy Carter would frequently give "Sunday school classes" at the Maranath
Jimmy Smith reflects on 'a tangle of thoughts'
Jimmy Smith, RVer, elk hunter, and introspective thinker shares snippets of his thoughts at this point in the arc of his life. One post begins: "The clouds are caught on all the trees here in our little southern Oregon valley this late November morning." .... An
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RVer Jimmy Smith dips toe into social media
"In a weak moment a couple days ago," writes RVer Jimmy Smith,  "--and with nothing but time on my hands and a decent internet connection–I did what I never thought imaginable.  Facebook, or as a friend called it Spacebook, entered my realm." Read more about Jimm
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Jimmy Smith is visited by memories of boyhood friend
RVer Jimmy Smith reflects on memories dating back 50 years to when he and his childhood friend Johnny Antonace went on their first childhood adventure. "Johnny and I grew up on dirt roads in western Pennsylvania and a well-trodden path through a field and woods lin
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RVer Jimmy Smith's reflects, briefly, looks ahead
"On good days I live in marvel at my own existence and in some childlike way sense an invisible cloak of support and guidance over me," writes RVer Jimmy Smith. "Having escaped being crushed under my falling truck back along the highway, I was given moments of crisp
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RVer Jimmy Smith writes about a 'blow out' and his guardian angel being close at hand
When one travels Interstate 10 across the   high desert region of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, there is a good, almost certain, chance you will encounter two things: long stretches of empty country and strong cross winds. Recently, a little more than seven hours
Day trip to Los Algodones, Mexico, near Yuma
One recent Saturday, we visited the Mexico boarder community of Los Algodones, near Yuma, Ariz. -- known for its scores of dentists and optical outlets, in additions to its pharmacies with modestly-priced medications. It was a day warm enough for Jimmy to wear shorts
Scenic two-lane byways can lead to white knuckles; reflections of California by RVer Jimmy Smith
We've traveled on 820 'scenic byway' miles the past few days ...  in Jimmy's words, we have "trundled through ancient Redwoods ...  pastoral wine-producing country ... and climbed Hwy. 49 through the California Sierra Nevada foothills that sparked a rich history based
RVer Jimmy Smith writes -- 'Finally. We're on the road again ... Let the wild rumpus start'
"We slipped out of our little creek bottom at first light Sunday morning and are on our way. Let the wild rumpus start," writes full-time RVer Jimmy Smith. "We’re trundling along with enough frozen elk and fresh canned tuna to sustain us through many a trial and tr
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RVer Jimmy Smith bags his first bull elk -- one more item checked off his Bucket List
After a lifetime of hunting deer, Jimmy Smith of RV Wheel Life bagged his first elk in early November--fulfilling a top item on his Bucket List. Jimmy reports he shot the five-point bull at 275 yards through its heart. "It dropped on the spot," he said. The bull was