For a little longer RV Short Stop pull over to view the opulant excess of ‘House on the Rock’


The House on the Rock, a popular regional tourist attraction in southwest Wisconsin, was designed by Alex Jordan, Jr.

During the 1940’s, Jordan started building his dream weekend retreat on a 60-foot chimney of sandstone formation called Deer Shelter Rock in the beautiful Wyoming Valley.

That 14-room house was the original structure of what became an amazing complex of architecturally unique buildings, gardens and spaces (including the Infinity Room pictured above).

Jordon was known as an eccentric collector all his life and enjoyed visiting museums. “The House on the Rock is more of a trip through the wild and fantastic imagination of Alex Jordan than a visit to a dusty, lifeless museum,” states the Website.

Visitors need to be prepare to “stay a while” because, as novelist Jane Smiley wrote: “It is hard not to be overwhelmed by the House on the Rock. The sheer abundance of objects is impressive, and the warmth most of the objects exude, the way that the toys ask to be played with, for example, makes the displays inherently inviting. But almost from the beginning, it is too much.”

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