RVing Millennials, part 5: Filmmakers Heath & Alyssa Padgett, 25, live full-time on the road
Another young couple, Heath and Alyssa Padgett, both 25, started RVing full-time two years ago. Just four days after their wedding, they struck off in a 1994 Leprechaun Coachmen motorhome, purchased for $11,500 off Craigslist. They both quit their traditional job
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RVing Millennials, part 4: Media savvy Jay & Liz de la Cruz work remote from their RV
Many of the newer model recreation vehicles feature cutting-edge technology demanded by millennials, including wireless capabilities, solar panels, LED lighting, and office space. It is said that more than three million employees now work remote. Virtual position
RVing Millennials, part 3: Urban dwellers escape to nature in 8-foot trailer-boat combo
It is estimated that more than 80 percent of millennials are living in urban areas instead of the rural environment of a generation ago. This fundamental shift has helped push the RV industry into producing small, lightweight and more fuel-efficient products. For the
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RVing Millennials, part 2: Outdoors enthusiast loves freedom, flexibility of 4-WD truck and camper
In general, young adults, age 21-35, are interested in outdoor activities that are highly compatible with RVing, including kayaking, mountain biking, off-road four-wheeling, skiing, or scuba diving. Outdoors enthusiast David McKitrick, 30, of North Dakota appreciated
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RVing Millennials, part 1: More younger families are hitting the road in recreation vehicles
New and younger generations of campers are hitting the road in Recreation Vehicles and discovering the benefits of RV travel. Millennials, generally those born after 1980, are appreciating the fun, freedom and flexibility of RVing — something their parents and grandpa
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Johnny and June Carter Cash's 'hideaway farm' in rural Tennessee now open to public
Country music legend Johnny Carter called his 107-acre farm in rural central Tennessee,  "the center of my universe." For more than 30 years, Cash said that he and his wife, June Carter Cash, would escape the spotlight of fame and "tend my own garden, wander my own
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Juntura--a welcomed Oasis in hot, dry eastern Oregon
About 60 miles east of Burns and 72 miles west of Ontario, Juntura is an oasis on a long and lonely stretch of US Hwy 20 in arid eastern Oregon. This small community sits near 4,000-feet at the confluence of the Malheur River and  North Fork Malheur River. (The word
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Stop for a while in Charleston, a 'working fishing village' -- on southern Oregon coast
If you are not in any kind of hurry this summer or early autumn, take a road trip along the southern Oregon's Coast Highway 101.  There are a number of small fishing communities and Charleston, just south of Coos Bay, is worth veering off US Hwy. 101. One place we r
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Yippee ... July 4th ... my favorite holiday
Wherever you are RVing and camping (even if it's in your own backyard) this July 4th weekend -- thank you for being a part of this great country. A extra special appreciation goes out to all of our military and civilian folks who show up every day to keep our country
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