Writer Malia Lane shares favorite RV holiday memory – first Christmas dinner

MaliaLane_ChristmasFeast_2001This holiday season solo RVer and writer Malia Lane is celebrating in the Volunteer State of Tennessee. When asked about one of her favorite RV holiday memories, she did not hesitate — it was her first Christmas as a full-time RVer a dozen years ago.

“I was traveling with my best friend” near Charleston, S.C., recalls Malia. “I cooked a full-on Christmas feast in my tiny kitchen and it turned out to be one of the best meals and times ever.

“We decorated a rather sad-looking little tree outside the RVs and laughed about it looking like a real Charlie Brown Christmas tree.”

Malia said she is frequently asked if she is sad about being away from “home” during the holidays. ”From the very beginning,” she said, “my little 350-square-foot space has felt like home and no matter where it’s parked, I celebrate being home for the holidays.”

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Photo: Malia Lane sitting at her first Christmas dinner on the road. (Courtesy of Malia Lane)

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