Meandered the Napa Valley skirting Bay Area traffic
After a long, long 8-hour drive yesterday down a wet, slow and winding Hwy 101 through Redwood Country, this day we decided to meander through Napa Valley along CA 128/29 in iconic Wine Country. And, as a bonus, we completely avoided any Bay Area traffic. An ease
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Wildlife Safari: Family RV Short Stop or overnight stay
Whether you are an RV Snowbird traveling south for the winter ... or simply driving along I-5 in southern Oregon, Wildlife Safari is an excellent destination for a family to spend a few hours ... or consider staying overnight in the RV Campground on the property. Sin
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Perfect RV Short Stop for RV travelers along Hwy 101
Jimmy and I are not traditional tourists. We do not have a checklist for visiting every state capitol or presidential library in America. We are, however, suckers for lighthouses. And, to our delight, the Pacific Northwest coast has quite a few. While the one in Cre
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Pennsylvania's Ohiopyle State Park, a treasure of a place for camping, bicycling, autumn color
We have camped twice in  Ohiopyle State Park during the autumn and have relished the fall colors. Be advised however that once the rain arrives, the leaves drop fast. Kentuck Campground is part of this expansive park located in southwest Pennsylvania that "encompas
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'Fallingwater' on a damp autumn day
One rainy fall day, Jimmy and I spent several hours meandering through the incredible 'Fallingwater,' a very special, organic structure that incorporates nature, natural materials and waterfalls near Mill Run in southwestern Pennsylvania. Frank Lloyd Wright, America‚
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Free very special family evening events at Carlsbad Caverns -- 'Bat Flight' programs, 'Night Sky Parties'
Each summer through early autumn, Carlsbad Caverns National Park hosts very special free family programs. Go on a New Moon starlit hiking adventure with a ranger into the Chihuahuan Desert on Sept. 30 and Oct. 30. Bring comfy hiking shoes, water and a light snack. Li
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Johnny and June Carter Cash's 'hideaway farm' in rural Tennessee now open to public
Country music legend Johnny Carter called his 107-acre farm in rural central Tennessee,  "the center of my universe." For more than 30 years, Cash said that he and his wife, June Carter Cash, would escape the spotlight of fame and "tend my own garden, wander my own
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Stop for a while in Charleston, a 'working fishing village' -- on southern Oregon coast
If you are not in any kind of hurry this summer or early autumn, take a road trip along the southern Oregon's Coast Highway 101.  There are a number of small fishing communities and Charleston, just south of Coos Bay, is worth veering off US Hwy. 101. One place we r
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'How about that BBQ' in Lockhart, Texas
As part of our short two-day stay at the nearby Lockhart State Park, we ate at two of the four best barbecue places in these parts --  'Lockhart: the BBQ Capital of Texas.' Lockhart and cattle go back a long ways in these parts ... back to when it was a major north
Shore Acres State Park is an Oregon blooming treasure ... for family fun, whale watching, romantic walks
Shore Acres State Park is a jewel in the crown of the Oregon State Park system. Each year more than a quarter-million visitors drive 13 miles southwest of Coos Bay to visit the former palatial estate and gardens of timber tycoon Louis J. Simpson. After a fire and f
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